Spread the Wealth and the Love

The past several weeks have been emotional for nearly everyone in our lives. Individuals have been left with feelings of helplessness against the powers that be, or have genuine fears for their futures. Within this turmoil, we have also seen an outpouring of support for organizations that are for people not profit-- organizations that are now facing potential uphill battles.

This holiday season, if feels especially important to spread love and to help those who need it. That's why we're changing up the traditional Black Friday sale event and shifting it into Good Karma Weekend. Instead of offering a sale on our goods, we're sending 10% of our weekend proceeds to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), who defend the people who need it most, and 10% to the Water Protectors at Standing Rock.

Help us help them make a difference.  Shop for cards and gifts in our online store, or visit us in person at our brick and mortar shop at 5300 SE Foster Rd. Portland, Oregon.


Our new video.

We often get questions about our process like, "Can I have my wedding suite printed over night?" or "What's letterpress?"
If we're talking in person, we can kinda explain with some hand gestures, "The image goes here and the rollers come down like this," but that doesn't fly in emails.

So, for years we've thought that we should totally make a video to show people what all goes into their wedding invitations. Thanks to our friends Emily and Aaron over at Hunting Ground Films, we have a real (legit) process video that even shows the kids and the chihuahua!

Check it out!

Ta dah:

Letterpress Classes at Our Studio: a success!

This past holiday season, we saw an interesting trend in gift giving. Plenty of folks were gifting experiences rather than things, and it seemed to us that our letterpress classes were a popular choice.
We had a great time teaching so many classes following the holidays!

Our classes are small -- one-on-one is how we prefer to teach them. It's important to get one's hands dirty setting type and mixing ink to get a real feel for this historic craft/art form, and in our workshops, there is plenty of hands-on learning.


We offer a variety of projects for those interested in dipping their toes into the waters of letterpress printing. By far, the most popular project has been setting type for pocket journals. From printing inspirational quotes, to witty one-liners, to more pragmatic verbiage, everyone enjoyed printing enough journals to gift to their friends and family members. Students were able to choose a cover paper stock and the perfect Pantone for the title before stepping up the press. Afterwards, they worked our vintage commercial saddle stapler for a quick binding, and then we trimmed the edges for a clean finish.

It's interesting how easy it is to do so much with such a simple project!

If you would like to take a letterpress course with us, you can find all of our classes listed here.
In addition to setting type, we offer classes on linoleum block carving, printing with polymer plates, and designing for letterpress (for designers anxious to see their work pressed into thick, cotton paper). Enroll with a friend and get a discount.

Spaces and classes are limited, so sign up now!


Print Round UP: Wedding Season

This year's wedding season is wrapping up, and we're beginning to get inquires from brides and grooms who are getting ready for their 2016 wedding. 

Take a look at some of our wedding favorites:

This invite was printed on both sides, which doesn't happen too often. The bride wanted the front of the invite to have a classy but casual look on the front, and use the back of the invite to include useful information. The whole set was mostly designed by the bride, with a few custom touches from us (hint, those trees are Jason's handiwork) We love a good blind impression ampersand. 

This cotton inspired set was designed in house, with calligraphy and illustrations by Alia. Keep an eye out for this set appearing in our wedding shop. Soon, this set will be available for anyone to custom order. 


We now have advice cards, available for purchase, in our shop, too!

Holiday Cards for 2015

Take a look at our newest holiday cards! Keeping with our love of and fascination with the natural world, both designs feature cute creatures.


The jackelope with its nose so bright was drawn by Jason, and that sly arctic fox creeping between the words Joyeux and Noël was drawn by Alia. 

Each card is available in our shop, and we would feel honored if you chose to send our drawings to your friends and family this holiday season. 

Uber Darling

Well, if you haven't heard about Uber, they are the creators of a (revolutionary) rideshare network. Here's what Uber says about themselves:

"Uber is evolving the way the world moves. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our apps, we make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers. "

The coolest thing is that they have been coördinating with local neighborhoods, and the businesses operating therein, to drive more traffic their way. (The pun is intentional).

We are happy to announce that Uber's newest Neighborhood Love event is focusing on the Foster and Montavilla neighborhoods, and Darling Press will be taking part, of course. They are calling our area "Portland's best-kept secret."

Check out these great photos by uber-photographer Grant.

Check out these great photos by uber-photographer Grant.

front doors

If you've been meaning to stop by our studio, but don't have a car, your bike has a flat, and you just used your last bus ticket, this is your perfect chance!
Uber on over here for free and get a gift certificate for $10 off our letterpress goods and services or 10% off our fine selection of locally-crafted retail merchandise!

free coffee

As always, we'll have some coffee brewing.

the two of us

The promotion lasts from Aug 22nd to Sept 7th, so you could even get a free lift to/from our First Friday event on September 4th... just sayin'.

Featured Maker

 It has been a lot of fun loading our new storefront's shelves with Portland-made wares. Let us introduce Idis Dream Catchers as one of our select makers.


We first noticed Idis Dream Catchers in the Montavilla neighborhood at Union Rose  - a local boutique that also happens to carry our greeting cards. We were immediately enthralled with how the delicate threadwork put a modern, yet respectful, twist on a traditional art.


It's not common we come across a dream catcher that is modern and minimal. Even the feathers used are sleek and void of extra fluff.


All of Idis Dream Catchers are black, white, or both, and they feature precise geometric designs and line work. Best of all, they're made in Portland by a sweet woman. We are happy to support her on her creative business endeavor. You should, too! Come in and snag one of these modern dream catchers, and keep those bad dreams at bay.


Meet Our New Employee

That's right. You heard us. A bonafide employee.

Meet Robyn, the lady who handles most of our email correspondences, job inquiries, job management, and provides an overall positivity to the work room.


We asked her some questions about herself/background so that you can get an idea of how wonderful she is.
Continue reading and you'll see why she's the perfect fit for our studio:

1. Where did you go to school?

I got my B.A. in Environmental Education from Western Washington University in 2009.

2. Where did you grow up?

The woods! Eagle River, Alaska, a small community just north of Anchorage.

3. What is your favorite pastime?

I am an avid home cook and preserver of foods, make cheese, I eat cheese, I dream of cheese, and, of course, I binge watch Law & Order.

4. Describe the paths that lead you to darling press:

Let me say, first off, that for as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a secretary. As a small child, I would ask for blank ledgers from the store instead of traditional toys. I would steal and hoard the carbon copies of checks my parents had written, and file them away in my ‘office’.

As I got older, I set my sights a bit higher and aimed to make the world a better place by spreading my love for wilderness, wildness, and our perfect planet by getting a degree in Environmental Education.

I met Alia, Jason, and their two beautiful children in 2013, and we quickly became fast friends. When they realized that their business was growing in such a way that they would need to hire someone to help with customer service, bookkeeping, and odd jobs around the shop – I was looking for a career change and gearing up to start an urban farming apprenticeship. The timing could not have been more perfect.

Now, I spend mornings at the Darling Press studio/shop and afternoons in the dirt, learning how to coax plants – for food and medicine - out of an urban landscape.

5. What quality do you like most about letterpress printing?

It’s old-schoolTechnology can be stressful and overwhelming, I love watching a 200 year old piece of machinery at work.

I love the look and feel of letterpress printing on cotton paper. It’s dramatic and nostalgic

7. Do you have a hero? Has he/she been a lifetime hero, or someone you recently stumbled upon?

Maybe it’s cliché but my hero is my mother. She selflessly raised my sister and I with grace and good humor.

10. In the face of an impending zombie apocalypse, how will you prepare?

Preparation would only make me anxious and paranoid. The best I can do is keep my body and mind in tip top shape. I work everyday to acquire and perfect what I like to call “skills for the apocalypse” – gardening, fabric making, sewing, butchery, preserving foods without a refrigerator, story telling, etc.

And, our kids just think she's the best.

And, our kids just think she's the best.

Our First Guest Artist

Meet Ariel Zimman of Relm Studios

Meet Ariel Zimman of Relm Studios

Now that we have a retail space/community space, Darling Press can finally feature talented artists from around the area. We are so excited to present Ariel, of Relm Studios.


Hanging Ariel's artwork in our space magically transformed our studio into a real store -- Cinderella style.


Her work is so appealing, it pulls folks off the street who are intrigued by the organic polyps that have sprouted on every surface of our shop.


Come by our shop to see the Relm Studio collection while it lasts. Although we will continue to offer select pieces after this month, the full show will last only through May.


Print Round Up

A few weeks ago we showed you a couple of projects that we were excited about. Those projects were just the tip of the iceberg of work we've been doing. We have been extra busy in our new studio space (a good thing, right?), and have been printing all sorts of things.

Look at all these beauties!
(click on the images to visit each person's website)

Later, we'll write more about some lovely wedding invites we recently completed. We also want to take you on a tour of our new studio space -- stay tuned!

Anniversary Sale

Five years ago we decided to open up an Etsy shop. A few months before that, we were tinkering with letterpress, bringing a few cards around to some shops, and getting our ducks in a row to build a business.

We're celebrating by throwing a sale. From now until January 8th, you can take 25% off your order by typing CHEER14 during checkout. That's our way of saying thank you for all of your support over the past five years.