2012. Onward!

Without going into much detail, I'd have to say 2011 was a tough year for us. Sometimes the universe provides, and sometimes the universe brings challenges. Jason and I are very optimistic people however, and we're very much looking forward to the new year. We have many goals ahead and are feeling motivated to achieve them.

One goal (which we've already started the new year off with) is to get our studio organized, functioning, and pretty. There are many steps from start to end, but we're slowly getting there. This past weekend was very busy with redoing our electrical system to make our studio safe and legit (yay!). Next we will be redoing walls, insulating, painting, and reorganizing so our space is efficient as efficient can be.

(This is partially why we haven't had much of an internet presence lately. Aside from the studio renovation, we've also been designing, plotting, and working on some custom orders.)

Another goal of mine is to become more in charge of the presentation of our products. We recently purchased a nice camera, and it has been a lot of fun playing with. One of the perks about having a good camera is the ability to document life as well. My dream of writing a steady blog seems more achievable now. And that takes me to another goal..

A steady blog! I would love to share more of who we are at Darling Press headquarters. We're really a couple of homesteaders who like to eat good food, grow a garden, play with our kids, and ride around on bikes. Typical Portland hippies, really. Because I love to cook, my new goal is to have a weekly recipe/cooking adventure. I'm going to be tentative. How does Friday sound? Good time to have a cooking date? Great. Friday it is.

We hope you've laid out some good goals for the new year, and that 2012 will be a fruitful year. We also hope to get to know you better. So feel free to say hello. Let us know you're out there.



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