Where We've Been :: September was a time for vacations

At this moment we're hunkered down at home, catching up on emails, organizing files -- you know, all the stuff that you do when the weather keeps you indoors.  The nice thing (and maybe not so great at times) about running your own business is that work can happen wherever you need it. We can't print at the studio today because of freezing rain, but we can stay home, drink cocoas, and write emails.

We can't help but reminisce about the warmer days of summer, however. We accomplished so many things this year, and for the first time since starting our own business, we actually planned a vacation out of town. (Crazy, right?) Pretty much the whole month of September was back-to-back trips and vacations.

Here's a round-up of our warm weather travels:

This year marked our fifth year as a married couple, and we decided to celebrate by bringing a bunch of friends and family with us to the coast and camping for the weekend.

We had a great time attending a marriage in Packwood, Washington. Annelise and Felix had the honors of being flower girl and ring bearer.

Our biggest vacation was to visit Jason's side of the family, and also to give Alia a chance to see the two places Jason grew up -- Colorado and Kansas.

Alia had never been to Kansas, and she was taken with the unexpected beauty. You always hear people talk about beautiful landscapes in forested or mountainous states, but Kansas usually get's one label: Flat. It is indeed flat, but that makes for some beautiful sky-lines.

Annelise and Felix hadn't seen their Kansas family in years (Felix, actually, had yet to meet anyone), and it was a treat watching the kids play with their cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents.

While strolling the streets of picturesque Denver, Colorado, we popped into a few boutiques, of course. A few, we felt, would be a good fit for our letterpress goods, we dropped off some sample packs, and now, if you happen down South Gaylord Street in Colorado, you'll spot some Darling Press in The Paper Lady's shop. Win!