My, what a lovely business card you have.

Every so often we have projects that challenge our printing skills. Most letterpress projects have one or two colors, or sometimes, gasp(!), three colors. Projects like these two business cards always become the stars of our portfolios because of how many colors they have.

The first batch of cards is for Jeremy at the Curry Public Library. It was a challenge to register all those colors, but it was a very fun project to print. Each color was individually run through the press, and as we added each color, we slowly built a tiny work of abstract art.

Another equally challenging but also fun project was these cards for Mrs. Match. This design had five colors on the front, and two different versions of the back. The tiny figure of Mrs. Match turned out great. It was a fun surprise to see that her little collar physically sticks out from her lapels.

Designing the logo for Mrs. Match was a collaborative effort. We created a drawing/gouache painting of the proprietor and then Jessie, from Hand Hugs, created a digital friendly version and the overall logo. This is an excellent example of creatives joining forces to create a perfect final product.

Mrs. Match is a unique and interesting business endeavor to help you through the humiliating land of online dating. Her business works by professionally handling all of your dating needs -- everything from setting  up a internet dating profile, to interviewing potential candidates after weeding out the spammers. Once she deems a candidate worthy, then she makes the introduction. She's basically a professional cupid!