All the Things

Well, if you've been following our blog, then you're probably not up-to-date on all the new things here at Darling Press, because we've been way too busy to tell anyone!

Firstly and most importantly, we made our Kickstarter Goal! Thank You to everyone who took part and who helped spread the word. We couldn't have made it without a lot of help! Most of the rewards have been mailed out, although the celebration party won't be until October.

so grateful

While that was happening, we were busily building out our new studio on SE Foster Rd.


Hugo now works in the new space. He sits nearest the door. Alongside him sits a new(er) press, still named an androgynous "Number 8," ready to tackle some bigger projects. Bits of the business were collected from nearly every room in the homestead and were organized around the presses into a cohesive, functional studio. The new space has filled out rather nicely.

It's amazing how a leap of faith can be rewarded. We up-sized our studio to handle the work flow, but the work flow up-sized, too! Luckily, an amazing intern magically appeared. Delia flew in from Louisiana to learn a little about letterpress in exchange for some much-needed help.


She seemed pretty cool, so we took her camping up on Thunder Mountain. Oregon greeted her with every mosquito in five counties! What a trip! It was like Alaskan Nature Video style mosquitoes. We left early.

Delia had to go back to finish her degree, but hopefully she'll be back to work with us, again.

Our final announcement involves the website you see before you. It's new! The whole website, including our shop, has a cleaner, modern look and better images. Many of the images have a "Pin It" embedded in them to make sharing easier. Our shop's new format even has a secure checkout to accommodate credit cards.

If you're interested in custom work, there are new galleries to browse with more of our recent projects. The "business cards" and "wedding" sections now offer forms (forms!) to help make the whole process easier to navigate.

Now that we have the website finished and we have settled into our new studio life, we have a lot to share with you. Expect to see a lot of new blog posts from us, including our new lines of wedding sets, newly released card designs, and summer adventures.

and it keeps getting better