Print Round Up

It seems we're on the outskirts of wedding season, but at the same time we're also beginning to print for the ultra-prepared brides who are getting ready for next year.

Here's a collection of recent wedding sets we've printed over the summer.

Jess & Jon - Jess designed her own wedding set, which included a beautiful illustration of their wedding location. The invites were mostly grey with a brief highlight of orange. We matched the edges to the orange, adding just the right amount to accent the color. This set was printed on our favorite cotton paper -- 2ply Savoy bright white.


Kim & Ryan - With this next suite, Kim and Ryan specifically asked to incorporate our signature hand-drawn treeline (found on our greeting card). We felt so honored!

Also printed on Savoy bright white, this suite features Alia's calligraphy. The only pop of color is found in the edge-painting. We like the simplicity.

This set is now officially offered in our shop within our growing collection of pre-designed custom wedding sets!

Robyn & EJ - Another suite making it's way into our customizable wedding collection is this sweet forest-themed set. We designed this set for a couple who fell in love while camping and canoeing in the wilderness. Naturally, there is a strong woodsy feel to this suite. The bride, Robyn, is taking her husband-to-be's name, which also happens to be a bird name. It wouldn't make sense if we didn't incorporate a robin and dove into their wedding set.

The latin phrase between the birds also has a special meaning between the two. When we reprint this set in the future, we can customize this phrase. We also will customize the initials carved in the tree. So much cute!

On a side note: Jason and Alia were first attracted to each others' drawing styles way back in art school. Feeling their styles were compatible, they naturally developed into a business. It's fun to know that this wedding set incorporates drawings from both  -- Jason's being Mt. Rainier and the twin trees, and Alia's being the birds on tree limbs. 

Karen & David - One of our most extensive wedding suites we've ever printed was for Karen and David. This set incorporated a few newly offered additions: envelope liners for both invite and RSVP and a detailed map. Julia Bez created the beautiful calligraphy, and the designs were a collaboration between us and Karen. Printed on Savoy bright white with matching edge-painting.

Regina & Yan - This next little number is a unique collaboration. We designed the layout of the text for both Regina and Yan's invite and thank you note, and Regina cut out each shape at home. You might notice the floral embellishment at the bottom is a snippet from our custom wreath invite.