Meet Our New Employee

That's right. You heard us. A bonafide employee.

Meet Robyn, the lady who handles most of our email correspondences, job inquiries, job management, and provides an overall positivity to the work room.


We asked her some questions about herself/background so that you can get an idea of how wonderful she is.
Continue reading and you'll see why she's the perfect fit for our studio:

1. Where did you go to school?

I got my B.A. in Environmental Education from Western Washington University in 2009.

2. Where did you grow up?

The woods! Eagle River, Alaska, a small community just north of Anchorage.

3. What is your favorite pastime?

I am an avid home cook and preserver of foods, make cheese, I eat cheese, I dream of cheese, and, of course, I binge watch Law & Order.

4. Describe the paths that lead you to darling press:

Let me say, first off, that for as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a secretary. As a small child, I would ask for blank ledgers from the store instead of traditional toys. I would steal and hoard the carbon copies of checks my parents had written, and file them away in my ‘office’.

As I got older, I set my sights a bit higher and aimed to make the world a better place by spreading my love for wilderness, wildness, and our perfect planet by getting a degree in Environmental Education.

I met Alia, Jason, and their two beautiful children in 2013, and we quickly became fast friends. When they realized that their business was growing in such a way that they would need to hire someone to help with customer service, bookkeeping, and odd jobs around the shop – I was looking for a career change and gearing up to start an urban farming apprenticeship. The timing could not have been more perfect.

Now, I spend mornings at the Darling Press studio/shop and afternoons in the dirt, learning how to coax plants – for food and medicine - out of an urban landscape.

5. What quality do you like most about letterpress printing?

It’s old-schoolTechnology can be stressful and overwhelming, I love watching a 200 year old piece of machinery at work.

I love the look and feel of letterpress printing on cotton paper. It’s dramatic and nostalgic

7. Do you have a hero? Has he/she been a lifetime hero, or someone you recently stumbled upon?

Maybe it’s cliché but my hero is my mother. She selflessly raised my sister and I with grace and good humor.

10. In the face of an impending zombie apocalypse, how will you prepare?

Preparation would only make me anxious and paranoid. The best I can do is keep my body and mind in tip top shape. I work everyday to acquire and perfect what I like to call “skills for the apocalypse” – gardening, fabric making, sewing, butchery, preserving foods without a refrigerator, story telling, etc.

 And, our kids just think she's the best.

And, our kids just think she's the best.