Letterpress Classes at Our Studio: a success!

This past holiday season, we saw an interesting trend in gift giving. Plenty of folks were gifting experiences rather than things, and it seemed to us that our letterpress classes were a popular choice.
We had a great time teaching so many classes following the holidays!

Our classes are small -- one-on-one is how we prefer to teach them. It's important to get one's hands dirty setting type and mixing ink to get a real feel for this historic craft/art form, and in our workshops, there is plenty of hands-on learning.


We offer a variety of projects for those interested in dipping their toes into the waters of letterpress printing. By far, the most popular project has been setting type for pocket journals. From printing inspirational quotes, to witty one-liners, to more pragmatic verbiage, everyone enjoyed printing enough journals to gift to their friends and family members. Students were able to choose a cover paper stock and the perfect Pantone for the title before stepping up the press. Afterwards, they worked our vintage commercial saddle stapler for a quick binding, and then we trimmed the edges for a clean finish.

It's interesting how easy it is to do so much with such a simple project!

If you would like to take a letterpress course with us, you can find all of our classes listed here.
In addition to setting type, we offer classes on linoleum block carving, printing with polymer plates, and designing for letterpress (for designers anxious to see their work pressed into thick, cotton paper). Enroll with a friend and get a discount.

Spaces and classes are limited, so sign up now!