All the things

We have been quietly working on some new things: both Alia and Jason have been building side ventures to highlight their unique talents. They have each created an artful spin-off of the Darling Press universe. (Because we each needed another project, right?) We thought it would be fun to show them to you all.

Before we get into it, all of this has been instigated by posting daily drawings on Instagram. It may not seem like much, but having that accountability is powerful. Knowing that people are watching and are expecting to see more cool stuff regularly is a positive motivator. If you have ever "liked" one of our drawings on the interwebs: thank you! Those tiny gestures help fuel our creative fires. Constant daily practice is so important to working artists, and starting new habits is hard without a strong motivation, so thanks, again!


First, Alia has formed her own Design & Illustration studio called Rosa Pine.
In her tenure at Darling Press, Alia has amassed an impressive portfolio of brands and designs she's created for our clients. People love her style. :) Through Rosa Pine, Alia will be able to focus on clients who want her style and who aren't interested in having anything printed, necessarily.


In addition to her regular design client work, Alia has developed a whole line of stickers, prints, and temporary tattoos, too. It can all be found at her website or here, in our retail space on SE Foster!


To his credit, Jason has finally committed to creating his own website, Publikwerks.
There, he offers his pen for hire. Jason specializes in commission drawings and writing.
Jason's site also offers prints, one-of-a-kind original drawings, and a growing collection of Harry Potter and Star Wars themed fan art bumper stickers. These are also available here, at our retail space on Foster Road.


With both co-owners starting new ventures, it's bringing some fresh perspectives to Darling Press, and one big advantage is that we have more to offer in our storefront -- just in time for the Holidays.

The last thing I'll mention for now is the Supernatural Cat Show we're hosting this month.
It's going to be so much fun. Cats are filling up our displays.
It's kinda crazy, but whatever.
I'll dedicate next blog to cats. Stay tuned!