Big Things

business_cards_tso27 Over the past several months, we've had the pleasure of getting to know Meaghin Kennedy.In her first email, she asked about a seven color design, and our first reaction was "What? Who would want a seven color letterpress printed business card??" But after seeing her design (by Alyson Thomas of Drywell Art), we could see there was no way around it. Her logo is unique, colorful, and the perfect imagery for encompassing what she does.

We met with Meaghin at a coffee shop, with our conversation wavered back and forth from discussing her project to talking about life in general (specifically life in Portland). We were eager to get to work on her cards, and to our surprise, printing a seven color business card wasn't as difficult as we anticipated. Alyson's design worked out very well for letterpress printing.

business_cards_tso28business_cards_tso1(all photos courtesy of Meaghin)

"These Salty Oats" is about, but not limited to, three main subjects (which also happen to be our favorite interests): food, homesteading, and sustainability. Reading through her blog is such a pleasant experience. Her writing is informative, with the perfect amount of opinion, and is full of Meaghin's vibrant photos. We highly encourage you to revisit her site for tasty recipes and things to do and see in Portland. When Meaghin broached the subject of doing a blog post on the letterpress process, we were truly a giddy pair of printers.  Meaghin wanted to document a letterpress project from the first stage of designing to the completed stage of printing a finished product. We chose to focus on a project that has been on our "to-do" list for a long while - our memory game project.


As summer changed into fall, Meaghin visited our house to document our process and our general work environment - kids and pets included! Having someone writing about us and our business feels like a huge step in our business journey. The article is, of course, interesting, and it shares a thorough view of us, our studio, our art, and our daily lives.


We've written this post to encourage you to read Meaghin's blog, and to give you a heads up. We are working on a kickstarter pledge to get our two memory game sets off the ground. We'll give you more details come March. In the meantime, head over to These Salty Oats with a hot beverage in hand and peruse the site. You'll find these two nice folks while you're there:


Thank you, Meaghin!