Butter Blog

My plan to post a recipe on Fridays was crushed slightly when the camera we were just about to buy suddenly died (good thing we didn't buy it just yet!) However, while I was giving it a test drive I did get a few nice shots of some butter that I had whipped up. Now that it's Friday, I decided to salvage the photos I shot with the camera-that-is-now-in-a-coma (hoping for a full recovery!) and share them with you.

The good news is, we found the same camera on craigslist, and will pick it up today! That means more photographs for a better blog and better marketing experience. Woot!

Until then, here's some rather lovely photos of butter:

jar of butter made from scratchhomemade butter in jarhomemade butter in jar

Doesn't that look creamy and delicious? Well, yes, it was delicious. And really easy to make.

If you have a food processor, turn it on and pour in heavy whipping cream. Add as much salt as you like, or none at all. I personally like my butter salty, so I added about a tablespoon.

Keep the processor going and soon your cream will look like chunks of butter whirling around in liquid. The liquid is, ahem, buttermilk, and you can save it for delicious pancakes, or what ever recipe you have that requires buttermilk. Once your butter has separated from the liquid, it's ready to be squeezed. Some people squish their butter in their hands under cold running water, but my hands couldn't take it, so I used a spatula and pressed the liquids out of the butter. I keep mine in the fridge so that it doesn't go bad, but really, that's the only thing I miss about store bought butter: keeping it on my kitchen shelf.

Making your own butter doesn't really save you a lot of money (unless you happen across a bunch of discounted cream), but it's really a good use for any heavy whipping cream you have lying around in your fridge. When you're done, you can give yo'self a hearty pat on the back.