DP on wheels

I'd like to quickly mention how happy we are to have a sweet 1984 volkswagon van. We don't drive her very often (mainly on the weekends for errands) because we're trying to keep the air clean, but when we do, boy howdy it is fun! This past weekend we went to the pumpkin patch for a birthday party, and I had some fun in the passenger seat with my instagram app.

view from rear view mirror

image of the roadview from the van

If you'd like to follow us on Instgram, we'd be happy to see your photos. If you search for "darlingpressandstationers" you should find us.

In other news, we're almost done printing our holiday cards 2011! Next post will be all about our new cards. Hello holiday season, we never feel ready for you, but we're glad you're here. We're already toasting our cups of egg nog and hot spiced cider.

Here's our press covered in gold ink, printing holiday goodness:

the press with gold ink