Edge Painting

One small step for man, one giant leap for Darling Press! With some hidden secrets found on the internet (sssshh!), some remaining knowledge from art school (ahem), and a few shot-in-the-dark attempts we finally accomplished edge painting. Now we're full of ideas and projects that incorporate edge painting.

The thick paper is essential in edge painting to give enough surface in which to paint color. The trickiest part was getting the color on the edge of the cards, but not on the front or the back.

This project was particularly involved because of so many elements. Some cards were for a certain person with their own title, some were orange, and some red. Printed on Lettra's 220lb. paper, in fluorescent. These will look fabulous displayed on a desk!

stack of edge painted cardsorange edge painted cardsboth colors edge paintedorange stack of edge painted cardsdetail of text and orange edges