To start off our first blog on our new website, I wanted to share a small project completely unrelated to letterpress. It has been grey and rainy for the most part in Portland, with a few sunny days scattered here and there. When you live without a car, venturing out into the rain with two kids is just a hassle. So we improvise and try to stay busy as much as possible. A bored, grumpy Mama always makes bored and extra grumpy children.

I have been collecting our backyard chicken's feathers for quite some time, giving them to my creative friend Ruth here and there. All the beautiful feathers pile up rather quickly with five chickens all molting at different times of the year. Gearing up to eventually make things like these, I decided to put our feathers to use and include my crafty four year old. This is also her first time with the hot glue gun, by the way. Here is what we came up with:

Feathers on our heads

feathers on usfeathers on us