it's a noun and a verb!

Well, here at Darling Press and Stationers HQ (imagine the Bat Cave, but with bunnies) we have reached another milestone! We are pleased to offer our first limited edition fine art print. There are only ten, so grab one quickly! The fun thing about this print is I printed three colors, the green, red, and black. The brown was created by printing red on top of the green. stack of farm printsclose up of print, basically the f and the aclose-up of farmer josh atop his tractor

Printed on archival Fabriano Rosaspina, this caricature of our friend Farmer Josh is happy to adorn your wall or mantle and advocate for local food security from atop his antique tractor. Farmer Joshua Dodd runs the Freeform Agrarian Rebel Market on Saturdays over on Hawthorne, and in trade for free fresh, local veggies every week, we printed up some fliers for him. That's one good thing about Farmer Josh -- he's willing to trade or barter. A few years back I overheard a conversation -- on Hawthorne, oddly enough -- between a Rastafarian and someone asking him for any spare change. The Rastafarian's response was, "I live in a paradigm outside of money." Somehow, that reminds me of Farmer Josh.

In other news, our garden is starting to show some spring promise! Our peas, raspberries, and strawberries are blooming -- so're the collards, but that's another story -- and our two little pear trees have tiny Barlett pears growing on them. The beets are sprouting, and it looks like the kale, chard, and one, lonely cabbage survived the slug attacks of early Spring. Potatoes are coming up everywhere. Maybe we'll post some pictures soon..

Happy gardening! -Jason