More cards, from us to you.

Now that Jason is working from home with me, as a team, we are finally (FINALLY) able to focus so much of our attention on our own projects. We have brewed so many great ideas over the years, but we haven't had the time to bring them to fruition due to custom orders taking priority and leaving so little time to complete anything for ourselves. Now that we're printing and designing everyday, we already printed two new cards. Well, the spirographs are technically five cards, but because they come in a set, I'll call them one card.

The triceratops card came as a sudden burst of inspiration. Most of my designs happen this way and I love when it happens.

We are very happy with the large field of red behind the triceratops. It's somewhat challenging to get a field of color without having a lot of texture in the print. We printed the red first with a fairly light impression, then printed the black with a lot of packing paper to get a really deep impression. The result is one very textured dino.

The spirograph stationery set idea came to us months and months ago. We liked the idea of continuing our promise of keeping all imagery hand illustrated -- but with the help of a spirograph set. Both Jason and I have a lot of childhood memories of our spirograph sets. I have fond memories of bringing my spirographs along to camping trips with my family and sitting quietly at a picnic bench, focused on my line work.

We are in love with the new colors we mixed up for this project. There is a lot of this ink so that we can continue this pallette with other future designs.

It's hard to take photos of our work with little hands roaming about.


These cards are available in our Etsy shop and will soon be on our website.