My Birthday!

Twenty-eight years ago, yesterday, at 9:30pm, I was born. I've accomplished much since then. I've birthed two children, bought a house, earned a college degree, traveled, married a wonderful man, started a business, and experienced an overall wonderful life. Yesterday my family and I celebrated by first going to one of my very favorite places: Ikea. I'm not usually a window browsing type, mostly because I can't really afford to buy many frivolous things, but I can't help enjoy walking around Ikea, looking at their mock rooms, and enjoying a quick snack (er..chocolate cake).

After our Ikea outing, we then headed downtown to visit artist Nikki McClure speak at PNCA. Two things made this trip excellent: seeing Nikki McClure and also seeing two good friends of mine. Our children ran around (as quietly as they could) while we listened to Nikki talk about her process, history, and answer questions. I went home feeling INSPIRED!

We then hauled the kiddos a few blocks away for dinner at the Bridgeport Ale House, where I sipped a tasty cocktail and ate one POUND of mussels! We followed up our dinners with a helping of brownie topped with vanilla icecream. It was such a good day to indulge. So good, I completely forgot to pull out my camera. Ah well. All I have to show off is my cute baby sitting with me in the back seat of our new van.

Our baby, Felix, looking cute as ever

New van? Next episode.