On sustainability

Being "green" has certainly been the buzz word in the past few years. While we like that such a trend has a positive impact on the earth and for future generations, we hope that it is more than a trend for our society. We like to poke fun at ourselves on a daily basis and call each other "big hippies." To us, being "eco friendly" means being mindful of our lifestyle and being conscious about what we produce, how we produce it, and where it will end up. Here's the lowdown on our green choices for printing and packaging:

  • Though we're eager to print on some fine bamboo paper, most of our cards are printed on Crane's Lettra 100% cotton paper. What we love about this paper is that it's made from the scraps of the cotton industry. Not only is that tree free, but it's recycling at it's best.
  • We hand fashion our mailing envelopes out of a salvaged roll of craft paper.
  • For displaying our box sets, we refuse to use boxes with plastic lids (my biggest current pet peeve). Instead, we have found some cute paper boxes that fit perfectly.
  • To protect our individual cards, we use biodegradable plastic sleeves.
  • For clean up, we use vegetable oils and vegetable shortening to wipe away our rubber based inks from our press, our hands, and our ink mixing table. It works surprisingly well. For the final cleaning, we use a popular brand of oil soap.

A few years ago, Jason and I found ourselves making somewhat of an oath to ban plastic from our house. Turns out, keeping plastic completely out of the house is pretty impossible. Food comes in plastic. Toys come in plastic. Even plastic is wrapped in plastic. We have a pile of packaging peanuts that we don't have the heart to throw away, nor do we want to pass the burden on to someone else. So, if we can help it, we try our very hardest to not use plastic in our packages we send to you, so as not to pass the burden onto you.

Of course, our efforts go beyond the studio. As active homesteaders, we are increasing our self-reliance by making what goods we can for ourselves and by growing as much of our own food as possible. We do this instead of buying corporate-made goods and corporate-made foods (!), especially. One benefit to being printmakers is that we can promote our values... subtly.

Another little way we have tried to save a small piece of world is by adopting our two bunnies from The Rabbit Advocates.

Take heart that we are doing all we can to make the world a better place.